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Financial Planning Process

We believe financial planning should cover all areas of your financial needs and should aid in the pursuit of each of your goals. Here’s how we work to accomplish it:

  1. Set your goals.
    What do you want to accomplish in the next 5, 10, 20 or 50 years?
  2. Compile you financial and lifestyle information.
  3. Analyze your information, identify resources and determine if there are sufficient resources to pursue your goals.
  4. Construct a financial strategy to create more resources.
    Discuss investment vehicles, risk tolerance…
    A comprehensive strategy includes the following areas:
    * Investments
    * Asset Management
    * Wealth Preservation
    * Retirement Planning
  5. Implement the strategies of your plan.
    Help you step by step begin the journey towards financial goals
  6. Monitor and review plan implementation.
    The implementation process is closely monitored to help ensure that it stays in alignment with your goals. Periodic reviews check for misalignment and changes in your situation. Your plan can be modified accordingly to help keep your goals on track on a routine basis.

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